Part 1: The Dropouts
Part 2: Todayís Church: How did it get this way?
Part 3: Todayís Church: How did it get this way?

Part 4: Where do we go from here?



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ďChurch isnít where you meet. Church isnít a
building. Church is what
you do. Church is who you are. Church is the human outworking of the person of Jesus Christ. Letís not go to Church, letís be the Church.Ē
- Bridget Willard


Church Outside the Walls

Great fresh insights. Interesting historical basis and relevant for today!

-Ashley H.

Colfax, CA


Demonstrated good research on topics that need to be exposed. Clear and understandable presentation of very important subject matter. Very good quality!

-Roy H.

Colfax, CA


Fast moving subjects. Honest opinions. Life applications/examples!

-Julie M.

Rocklin, CA


Quality video, as well as, thought explanation of purpose. Guest speakers, well known as well as integrity. Truth! Truth! Truth! Great in a perfect amount of time!

-Eddie & Peggy V.

Post Falls, ID


Church Outside the Walls DVD series


Bulls-eye on target addressing. Compelling evidence. Stellar combination of media, technology, and art!

-Linda M.

Citrus Heights, CA


The information provided was amazing! Not opinion, but fact. Top-notch technology! Never boring. Very pleasant to watch great extras!

-Kymla B.

Roseville, CA


Factual. Well documented history on how the church as an institution came to be differently from the church body as Christ intended.

-Laurie A.

Tahoma, CA


The technical quality, imagination, historical content, personal experiential input of guest speakers. Good way in which the audio and visual were used along with the spelling out of things which were being read or said.

-Peter B.

Tahoma, CA


Very well done and explained. Scriptural references were the key controversial ones referred to. Very edifying.

-Glenn M.

Turlock, CA


Appearance-Delivery-Content, all three came together to make this video exciting to watch. Great graphics-loved the sound effects as well. Cute use of humor within this video. THE MESSAGE OF THESE VIDEOS MUST BE HEARD!

-Cara L.

Sacramento, CA


Concise info-timeline, history. Not too much information. Graphics/music and the way that it switched back and forth from people talking to pictures, etc. It was captivating, not boring in any way!

-Rene' B.

Tahoma, CA


Part Three was outstanding-very current and practical information. The historical reasoning of a need for a covering was such timely information with regards to questions we have been asking concerning friends who feel they need a covering!

-Kathy T.

El Dorado, CA


Set-up as interactive friendly. This will come in handy when shown to family and friends. Humor laid throughout, breaks the ice throughout the facts. Very effective! The teaching is taught clearly and easy to follow!

-Rob L.

Sacramento, CA


Good information. Challenging. Good presentation.

-Lucy L.

Citrus Heights, CA