Part 1: The Dropouts
Part 2: Today’s Church: How did it get this way?
Part 3: Today’s Church: How did it get this way?

Part 4: Where do we go from here?



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“When Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire, the bishop moved his seat from among the people to the altar. It became the place of honor, power, … and then later, the throne.”
-Thomas Hohstadt


Part 3 takes a hard look at many of the widely accepted doctrinal interpretations of the Bible that have resulted in the form of church that is so common to us today. What does the Bible teach about leadership? Is there supposed to be a clergy/laity distinction? Does leadership provide a protective covering for God’s people? What about church attendance?
Aren’t all good Christians supposed to attend weekly services?

How about programs? What role do they play in reaching the lost and impacting our communities?


Hosted by author David Fredrickson and featuring author and speaker Wayne Jacobsen and author and historian Robert Lund along with other notable authors, speakers and church historians; this soft spoken but hard hitting documentary challenges the status quo as it examines many of today’s Christian practices in light of the scriptures.

Church Outside the Walls DVD series