Part 1: The Dropouts
Part 2: Today’s Church: How did it get this way?
Part 3: Today’s Church: How did it get this way?

Part 4: Where do we go from here?



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“The organization of Christianity has again and again, down through the centuries, led to barrenness.”
- John W. Kennedy 

Brief Biographies


The key contributors to the Church Outside The Walls Video Series were invaluable to the creation of this documentary.  Here is some info about them.


Wayne Jacobsen


As director of Lifestream Ministries, Wayne Jacobsen travels the world helping people discover how to know the living God. A former pastor, he is a contributing editor to Leadership Journal and the author of several books, including So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore. Wayne was instrumental in the publishing and distribution of William P. Young’s best selling novel “The Shack.”


Brent Walters

Brent Walters is a professor of Comparative Religions at San Jose State University. As a professional scholar and archivist, he has developed one of the largest libraries on early Christianity, boasting over 85,000 pieces by 2001. Professor Walters has made many appearances on nationally syndicated Christian television and radio programs where he passionately expounds on the stark contrast between the present religious system and the early church.


Church Outside the Walls DVD series


Robert Lund


Robert Lund is a former church planter who is heavily involved in raising funds for missions world wide. His master’s theses on the history of authority, government and leadership throughout church history led to his comprehensive book, "The Way Church Ought to Be". Mr. Lund travels internationally as a conference speaker working to restore New Testament values to the church.


Martin Scott


Based in the UK, Martin Scott travels internationally teaching and encouraging the body of Christ to walk in the understanding, authority and unity that can transform communities. The books he has authored include "Sowing Seeds for Revival" and "Impacting The City". Martin has a passion for today’s youth and longs to see a generation rise up to know the Lord.


Brad Cummings


A former pastor for 12 years, Brad is the president of Windblown Media, the publishing company he and Wayne Jacobsen founded in order to publish William P. Young’s popular best selling novel, “The Shack”.  He was an executive producer for the recently released animated movie The Ten Commandments.